Baxter We replace an aging InFocus projector and decided on the short-throw style. It is physically bigger but still portable and it throws a truly amazing image. We like the fact that the projector is in front and close to the screen vs way back on a table with people in the way. We also got a 25' VGA cord to allow the laptop and operator to be at the back of the room. So far we love this machine. No waiting for bulb to cool down either. Our only problem was the ELPKS61 Soft Shoulder Bag - for PowerLite Projector and Notebook PC by Epson we bought does not fit this projector. The lens is too big to allow the zipper to close. My fix was to cut a slit in the divider material between pockets to give the large lens more room and allow the zipper to close. Seems to work good enough now. Have only used this for a few weeks and the only problem was the catch on the lens cover came loose. I was able to fix it though.


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EPSON V11H471020 PowerLite 1945W – LCD projector – 4200 lumens – 1280 x 800 – widescreen – HD -…

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